ATPL Rules and Regulations 2019

ATPL Rules and Regulations 2019

Below is the rules and regulations for Ahmedabad tennis premier league team championship Tournaments to be held in Ahmedabad on 1st Feb to 11th Feb 2019.

By sending your Team and players names to ATPL, your team and all participant agree all terms and conditions of ATPL 2019.

1. ATPL will be played on league matches format. There will be total and maximum 16 teams in ATPL 2019.

2. ATPL participating team will have 9 (max) players in team. Participating players must be 35 or 35+ in the year of 2019.

3. There will be 1 single and 3 doubles In each round. Player cannot be repeated in same match.

4. Top 4 Teams from each group having most number of the games / points in league matches will be “league winner” and will qualify to play knockout quarter final, semi final and followed by finals matches

5. ATPL invites max 2 teams to take part in ATPL2019 from one academy, club or Organization.

6. ATPL Team and Participant players must represent any academy, club or organization, participating players must be a active members of academy, club or organization.

7. Random Player’s Teams is not Allowed

8. ATPL tournament’s scoring system will remain same, Each round is total 13 games and all teams are required to play all games, each game is worth of 1 points.

9. Coaches are not allowed to participate, please excuse.

10. ATPL participating teams must mange and buy own Tshirt from suggest vendor to so that the color code and design in maintained and monitored by ATPL and all participant are required to wear during matches. Dress code must be maintained in ATPL 2019

11. Tournament price money is 1.40 lac, divided in 55k winner, 45k runner and 40k second runner up, prize money will be given as per government rules and regulations if applicable.

12. Entry fees for the ATPL is 30k and cheque must be in favor of Neon Sports Foundation.

13. IT Is agreed and decided by all captains on 10th January that the extra cost for referees will be paid secretly 3000 per team for the 2019 season.

14. Please note if any players found below the age then team will have to forfeit current and previously played matches score with same participant , the opponent team will be allotted 100% games (all 13 Games).

15. In case of ( 1) match washed out both team will receive 0 (NIL) of total games (13Games) (2) Walkover, winning teams gets 9 game and loosing teams gets “0” Games (nil). (3) Once the team list is submitted and due to any reason if the math is not played, the winning team will be allotted all 13 games

16. All participating team / academy will agree in “Court Usage Agreement” where ATPL managing team can use 2 courts of Participating teams Academy, club or organization.

17. ITF approved balls will be provided by ATPL.

18. All teams are required to maintain the decorum of sports and respect the rules and regulations of all academy, if any team found misbehaving or not respecting the decorum, managing committee has right to take action against players and team, and team will be bound and agree by the rules and regulations.

19. All academies will have to make sure that Tournaments matches must be played in healthy And fair environment.It’s recommended to start all matches at 7:15, all player must respect opponents team and their time !be on time !All matches must be played on same date and given time, in case if team has less players, teams are allowed to play Canadian Doubles and finish the particular round. (doubles court will be counted for both team) scores must be submitted to committee before 12:00 noon

20. All team required to follow all ITF tennis rules, Academy’s and officials decision will be final in all cases and will be bound to all participating players and team.

21. Please take a note ATPL participant should not get in aggressive / detailed discussion with any officials, if you have any issue or feedback we recommend to finish on going match and report it to ATPL committee in written format for further action, strict action would taken if any player found misbehaving on or off ( tennis )court with officials, own team members or opponent team members.

22. ATPL schedule, Time and Venue can be changed any time if required, all participating players and team are bound to decisions.

23. ATPL Quarter final match up, top team from group A1 will play to 4th team of group B4 and A2 v/s B3, A3 v/s B2 and A4 v/s B1) Semi final will be Top team will play to 4th team and 2nd team will play 3rd team ( Team 1 v/s Team 4, Team 2 v/s Team 3)

24. ATPL Management and managing committee has right to change rules and regulations whiteout any prior notice for the betterment of ATPL, teams and all participant are bound to the rules and regulations.

25. ATPL managing committee’s decision will be final in all cases and participating teams and its members are bound to decision.